2 weeks in Croatia Itinerary

I have noticed that a lot of you are asking about the best/must do in Croatia, so we decided to share with you our amazing two weeks experience!

1. Dubrovnik – Croatia Itinerary:

The city that you cannot miss! We fell in love with everything there. With a mix of sea, mountains and beautiful architecture, this city has it all.

A. It would be nice to spend at least 2 days:

Day 1: “The promenade”. You can take the walking trail (that is also served by Local Bus 6) and visit all the beaches. Pick one; enjoy the sun, the music and the drinks. CopaCabana is a nice address or the beach next to it. Very nice ambiance. At the end of your walk, you can have a delicious meal at Orsan Restaurant. The view and the food are out of this world!

Day 2: The Old City and the Game of Thrones tour (for fans!) The great wall is about 4km walking and with the same ticket you can visit the fortress. Advise: Go as early as possible in the morning or before sunset as in summer it can be really hot. And be equipped with a large bottle of water as it is a long walk and the water up there is very expensive.

– You can take the cable car to the top of the Mount Std and enjoy an amazing view of the old city. You can also have a meal in the restaurant up there. We had lunch in the Old town in Dubrovka. It has a very nice view and the food is good. They offered me my birthday cake slice (yay!)

– You can also take a boat to Lokrum Island which is 95% nature based and where you can take a picture of the Iron Throne

B. Day trips from Dubrovnik on  your 2 weeks Croatia Itinerary:

For those trips, it’s good to book a tour with one of the many agencies you will find, or even better, rent a car! It saves you the hassle of how to go around if several places are on the same way.

Day 1: Trip to Kravica and Mostar (Bosnia)

– Kravica is an amazing waterfall with a stunning view. You cannot miss it!

– Mostar is a unique city with a deadly bridge lol. It’s a mix between occidental and oriental taste. We loved it.

Day 2: Trip to breathtaking Montenegro (Budva, Kotor and Lady of the Rock Island): One of the best places we visited with amazing scenery and panorama views. But Dubrovnik remains our favorite.

Day 3: Trip to the 3 islands (Blue cave, Lopud, Sipan)

– It is not a must. The islands are beautiful but only if you have time

2. Hvar

We chose to stay in Hvar instead of Split because the accommodation was less expensive.

A. One day in Hvar is more than enough, you can:

i. Go to Hula Hula where you can enjoy the beach, the music and the service

ii. You can also have dinner in one of the roof tops like the Top Bar in Adriana or have lunch at a much affordable place with an amazing view like Bonj restaurant

iii. You can walk in the old city and enjoy the charming narrow streets

B. One day trips from Hvar on your Croatia Itinerary:

A. Split:

i. We were lucky enough to be there at the time of Ultra Europe. It was just the best party you can attend. Best music, best crowd, amazing ambiance. I’m personally a big fan of David Guetta

ii. You can’t leave Split without walking in the old city where you can visit the old Cathedral, the Diocletian palace and buy some fresh fruits from the market. You can catch a walking tour and spend half a day visiting this beautiful island

B. Mljet Island: It’s not a regular island…it’s the best Island that you can visit if you are looking for relaxation and peacefulness. It has this amazing national park where you can enjoy the nature. We loved it. A must do if you are into nature

C. Krka Waterfalls: Amazing view and you can swim there. We couldn’t go to Plitvice lakes because it was so far away. Recommendation: if you are going to Zaghreb, do it from there.

Important points to note for Croatia:

1. Currency used in Croatia is Kunas

2. To move in Croatia, it’s better to use the ferries, there are 2 main companies: Jadrolinija and Captain Luka. Book early as the places go very fast. There a mainly 2 ferries per day in summer

3. If you are going to Split from Hvar and you are planning to party there, book a room as there is no transportation late at night (just water taxi/speed boat, which are very expensive)

4. Tips for girls: there is no shopping there, so come prepared!

The things we didn’t have time to do but that could be worth it in Croatia:

1. Zip lining and rafting in Omis (you take a bus from Split)

2. One day trip to Vis

3. One day trip to Korcula

4. Blue Lagoon from Split

5. Tivat in Montenegro

6. Saragievo in Bosnia

Croatia has its own beautiful taste, incomparable to any other country in Europe. If you have visited other places in Croatia, feel free to add your own experience in the comments!

By Dina Hassan and Yasmine Awad[:]


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