6 of my favorites Markets in Bangkok

If you don’t know already, Bangkok happens to be one of the most commercial cities you can ever visit! You’ll struggle to get through from one street to another without being lured into any of the insane amounts of street markets splattered all over the city. If you want a taste of the best markets without having to struggling while you’re there. Then take a look at my picks of some of the best markets in Bangkok. 

Markets in Bangkok : Chatuchak

You can hardly find a market that would be able to compete with Chatuchak Market. It is the ultimate market experience that you can never find anywhere else! The market is spread across a kilometer long area. Packed with stalls that sell everything from food and clothing to homeware and accessories. Chatuchak is only a weekend market though. You should aim to be there as early on in the morning as possible. To be able to try to snag the best deals you can with as little crowds surrounding as possible.

Markets in Bangkok: Rot Fai

Rot Fai is an exceptional market experience that’s incredibly vibrant and energetic. Also known as the train market, It’s actually a night market that only operates on weekends (Thursdays to Sundays). Actually there are two different Rot Fai markets in Bangkok (apparently a third one has also been created). The newer one is located in Ratchada. While the original one is located in Srinakarin. In a more distant, less accessible area to tourists staying in the centre of the city. I found the one in Ratchada to be quite sufficient. It has an area of cool bars and restaurants for you to rest in between shopping runs in. 

Markets in Bangkok: Neon

Neon market is a more recent addition to the markets scene in Bangkok that gives a quite a rich hint of all the bigger night markets only a 10 minute walk from Siam square. It has everything you would think of from food, drinks and accessories all at a more reasonable price than some of the more well-known markets like Rot Fai. 

Markets in Bangkok: Asiatique Waterfront

The beauty of Asiatique Waterfront is that it’s an all-around lovely venue to spend a more relaxed evening in Bangkok. Asiatique offers you a chance to shop, dine, or even treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage at any of the abundant massage parlors you’ll find across the area. It also has a unique selection of antique furniture stores as well as spice vendors that you won’t find in other market type settings around the city. If you’re tired of shopping, you can also enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel or take a stroll by the river banks. 

For a more enjoyable experience, take the free ferry boat ride to Asiatique from the Central Pier (Sathorn Pier) which is easily accessible from the Saphan Taksin station of the Bangkok Sky Train (BTS). Along the ride you will also be able to catch a glimpse of the famous reclining Buddha temple Wat Pho from the river. 

Markets in Bangkok: Siam Square Markets

This area is packed with random street markets at every corner and every side street. What I like about it is that it offers a wealth of options from random stores to your average street market stall. The perk of wandering through these markets though is that you can easily take a break whenever at one of the popular malls or restaurants in this bustling neighborhood. 

Markets in Bangkok : MBK

While this isn’t a market strictly speaking, it will not fall short of offering you excellent deals on an extremely diverse set of products in the comfort of an air conditioned mall that can shelter you from those rainy Bangkok days. I’ve personally found some of the best deals in the city on souvenirs and clothing at MBK. Try to start your market hunt here first before you head to any of the bigger markets if you’re hunting for a good bargain.  

Tips to keep in mind on your market hunt: 

Don’t leave without trying out some of the delicious coconut water or dried fruit selection. 

Make sure to have enough cash on you in all of the options listed above as very few vendors have a credit option. 

Cash exchanges booths that are in or are next to markets have really steep exchange rates 

Keep your bags close by or in front of you at all times 

Key word is: Bargain! Always Bargain! Keep on bargaining!

By Hadil Hammad – you can find her on Instagram page and on Facebook 🙂


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