Hey there ! I’m Tranneta, half egyptian and half french. Yes I was born in the land of the Pharohs and I love my country! I’m a lawyer by training and a traveller by passion. I recently decided to follow my passion, and that’s where it took me. I’m the founder of Tranneta’s Travels <3 you’ve guessed it, Tranneta’s my nickname!

I’ve decided to follow my passion and therefore I started this website which offers tips, reviews but also travel consultancy services.

I’ve always been very passionate about travelling, visiting new places, and interacting with different cultures. Since a very young age I was fortunate enough to have a mother that’s as much as a traveller as I am and who would take me all over with her!

Writing has always been my get away, they say I get it from my grand pa who was a journalist. I kinda followed his path, law degree, Paris Bar member (that’s only me) but more focused on writing. He wrote about politics (his passion), I write about travelling, my passion!

In April 2017, I was visiting the Philippines with a group of friends and my hubby, on our way back, on a looooong transit, they encouraged me to start what I wanted to start a long time ago, a travel blog. I’m organised and I L O V E planning trips and doing all the research possible to make the trip the best it can be! So there I was, buying my domain, starting my blog and here you are!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and learn a bit more about my passion. I love meeting new people, and would love to get to know my readers, and talk with you about anything travel! Don’t hesitate to subscribe to my blog and to add me on social media <3



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