Ideas For An Unforgettable Argentina Honeymoon

Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world and has many different regions. Each one is different, unique and they all have amazing experiences to offer. Combining Argentina with a surrounding country, like Chile, is also a great idea. Here are some hotels, excursions, national parks and more beautiful activities to enjoy with your partner during your Argentina Honeymoon

A Romantic Argentina Honeymoon

Have you ever seen a good Tango Show? Enjoy a private or group Tango class to make you fall in love again with this sensual dance. 

There are many ways in which you can have a very romantic honeymoon in Argentina, chile, brazil and more. Imagine having a romantic Patagonian dinner by the Beagle Channel or on a boat sailing through it. Or, could you imagine visiting Iguazú Falls by the light of the full moon?From taking a wonderful walk to the Devils Throat balcony by footbridges that cross the Iguazu River; to enjoy the view of this imposing waterfall. Other activities such as: enjoying the sunrise on a balloon over Atacama desert in Chile. Or witnessing relaxing nature in an Estancia.

A very romantic way of ending your honeymoon is by enjoying some days in a paradisiac beach in Brazil.

Honeymoon For The Wildlife Lovers 

For wildlife lovers, there is plenty of options in every corner of the south of the southern cone.

Firstly, the Iberá Wetlands and Iguazú Falls in Argentina are great destinations to get to know the tropical wildlife and the rewilding projects. You will be able to enjoy your garden with capybaras and even caimans. Moreover, the amount of bird species is crazy! Therefore, if you enjoy birdwatching you will delight yourselves. 

Secondly, in Patagonia, you can enjoy the Ocean wildlife of the southern Atlantic and Pacific. Depending on your dates you may spot different kind of wild life. Such as Killer Whales, Southern Right Whales, dolphins, penguins, plenty of seals and sea elephants.   

One of the most remarkable spots for Ocean Wildlife encounters is Peninsula Valdés.  However, you might also enjoy great views in the Chilean Fjords or the Beagle Channel.

Thirdly, when visiting the Patagonic Andes or the steppe you will see guanacos and maybe rheas, foxes, condors, and hidden Pumas.  The best place to find Pumas is Torres del Paine. 

The Exclusive Argentina Honeymoon

There are plenty of exclusive hotels in every region where you will have the best attention and you will enjoy first-class experiences. Many of these hotels offer all-inclusive experiences where you will be able to enjoy each other without worrying about anything. Some examples are: “Casa de Uco” in Mendoza. “Explora” or “EcoCamp Patagonia” in Torres del Paine. “Grace Hotel” in Cafayate and more. 

Other luxury ideas for your honeymoon in Argentina and Chile could be enjoying cruises to Antarctica, the Chilean Fjords or through the Lakes and Glaciers near Perito Moreno Glacier. 

The Argentina Honeymoon For The Foodies

If you enjoy food, you should know that in 2017 Buenos Aires was named as Gastronomic Capital for Ibero-America. 

Buenos Aires has 8 restaurants in Latin America’s top 50 Best Restaurants. Don Julio, in 4th Place, an excellent place to enjoy the perfect Argentinian meat.  However, the best thing about Buenos Aires is that if your Argentina Honeymoon is a low cost one, or just don’t eat meat, you will be able to enjoy great quality cuisine too. 

On the other hand, Mendoza, a province near the Andes Range, is one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World.  Furthermore, Argentina is one of the top producers of high quality and high altitude wines. But good wine does not come just from Mendoza: the Northwest of Argentina has the highest producing vineyards in the world. And its Empanadas pair beautifully with Torrontes, our endemic grape variety. 

Finally, Patagonia is delicious too. Some of their stars are Lamb in the Andes, Spider Crab in Tierra del Fuego, Red Fruits and Chocolate in the Lake District. Also, at the Lake District, there is very good beer, you can even visit hop plantations in El Bolson.   The list of  Argentina’s destinations for foodies continues with Salta, Jujuy, Corrientes, and other great places!

Trekking & Adventure in Argentina

Argentina and Chile are divided by the amazing Andes Range, imagine how much trekking you could enjoy. Above all, Torres del Paine is Chiles Capital for Trekking and El Chalten is the Argentinean one. Both of them offer different trekking circuits and the possibility of doing day hikes. 

On the other hand, mountaineering, mountain biking, ice trekking, kayaking, and rafting are other activities that the amazing Andes provide.  In addition, you might discover the region through amazing off-road circuits. Reaching places that are far from any kind of civilization. Every country has something unique and adventurous to offer!

But if you feel that you want a combination of everything that would be the ultimate honeymoon. Some romantic adventures enjoying wildlife and good cuisine is just perfect. And remember that you can combine your Argentina honeymoon with other surrounding countries. 

Summing up, you can enjoy any of these travel styles, or even combining them all in an “ultimate honeymoon”. Some romantic adventurers enjoy wildlife and good cuisine, while they stay at an exclusive Ranch.  The best honeymoon is the one that adapts the best to your wishes and preferences!

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