Is Egypt safe?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on here and on Instagram asking me whether Egypt is safe or not. To come visit or not?

Do you want to come visit but you are afraid it’s not safe? Your parents won’t let you come because it is not safe? Forward to them this article by a local and let them know it’s as safe as anywhere else!

Well to start with, from locals to you, yes Egypt is as safe as it can get!

I’m sure if you are here reading this then you’ve seen the news. You’ve heard about what’s been happening in Egypt. Nevertheless let me remind you that what you see on TV is only the part the media wants to show you!

Yes we had a revolution, yes our economy is not doing so good. Though right after the revolution for us Egyptians everything was “back to normal”. I personally as a woman in Egypt never felt unsafe in this country.

You should know that Egyptians are kind hearted and friendly people, and even though times changed, you will always find someone to help you in times of trouble! So don’t worry about that!

If you are in need of assistance Egyptians will generally help you as much as they are able to, more than anyone! Per example, if you take a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria, you will be stopped at a checkpoint before leaving Cairo. They will ask where you are going, and communicate with the checkpoint at Alexandria to make sure you reach your destination within a certain time period. The same goes for most trips into the desert.  

General tips on visiting Egypt and keeping it safe:

What to wear in Egypt

Egypt is a Muslim country and pretty conservative country so I’d say – like anywhere in the world – respect the local customs, and the country. Don’t walk around in your tightest clothes, with a decollete. Dress normally, not in a provocative way and you should be fine.

For ladies, I’d suggest in summer mid length dresses, linen pants. In winter our winter is not that cold. Though it could get cold at night specially.

You’ll need a coat or at least a jacket and a scarf depending on where you are visiting in Egypt.

Tips and touts in Egypt

Asking for tips (“Baksheesh”) is normal and can get annoying. But keep in mind that after the revolution these people stopped seeing any tourists and that’s what they live on.

It’s been pretty rough on Egyptian people, so as much as it is annoying, keep in mind that this is how they put food on their table and how they put a roof on top of their families heads.

1 dollar or the equivalent may not mean a lot to you but it would mean everything to them!

General tips for Egypt

I’d suggest to keep it easier to use Uber instead of regular taxis. Indeed no need to discuss the price as it’s automatically calculated!

I wouldn’t let a dream destination pass you by just because you are afraid of safety, because honestly there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Only thing you need to learn is “la shokran” (no thank you!) It will come in handy believe me!

Another tip I will give you is, if anyone annoys you too much or you encounter any problem, get in touch with the Tourist Police – people do get scared of them! You can find them around the touristic spots and you can also call them!

You will find the security situation in Egypt (as in many countries) is frequently exaggerated by Western media outlets, creating a negative impressions that is somewhat amplified by the heavy-handed policies of Egyptian authorities in keeping tourists safe. The reality is that travelling in Egypt is probably more safe, than visiting most Western capitals!

I believe that if you’ve read this article then you should also check out my article giving you more reasons to visit Egypt now!

And if you know more about the dos and don’ts in Egypt, there you go!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to help you!





  1. Karla
    October 14, 2018 / 16:35

    I did felt safe in Hurghada but we were harrased for money even to go to the toilets in the airport. We were unlucky, we had a day trip to cairo and that day in april 2017 happened 1 terror attack in a church in cairo. We were close by. However i would toally go back! I feel its about using common sense and i love egypt so much 😍

  2. Tranny Save me Travels
    October 14, 2018 / 22:01

    Oh my God is Egypt safe? Please bestow your wisdom on me Tranny The Tenacious Traveler!

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