The ‘Saigon’ Experience

Fairmont Nile City’s signature restaurant ‘Saigon’ has revamped its concept, extending the Asian fusion theme and we were invited to the tasting of their new menu!

Delicious food is an understatement. We were seated at the lounge, where they had entertainment ready for us. Sitting at the lounge you get great live music entertainment. On special nights u may be lucky enough to have some fun with the illusionist. It was indeed an awesome night!

If you are looking for a more intimate, romantic dinner, then sit at the restaurant with floor to ceiling glass windows with views looking over our beautiful Nile.

The restaurant

On your way walking in to the restaurant , you can see the kitchen on your left through the glass panels. I don’t know about you but I love to see kitchens; at least you know very little could go wrong here haha! Makes me feel like it’s bound to be an awesome restaurant!

What I love about tastings is that you don’t know what you will be served, and I love the element of surprise. After we were seated we were asked if there is anything we don’t eat or like to take into consideration. Of course we LOVE all things Asian and from there started ‘The Saigon Experience’.

The food

For appetizers they served the Tuna Tataki, the Salmon Tartare and my favorite that you have to order when you go: Saigon Prawn Salad! It’s the best prawn salad I ever had!

Below is the Saigon Prawn Salad:


[easy-image-collage id=418]

First course at Saigon

As a first course, we got the beef tataki, Prawn Siu Mai and a platter of sushi. The sushi was so extremely fresh and so good i would definitely go there for sushi night on a Wednesday evening. They serve all u can eat sushi menu YUM! . I’m usually very picky when it comes to what I eat. It was so fresh that we couldn’t get over it!

There we were very full, ready for the dessert. To our surprise, the second course (the main course) was still on its way!

Second course at Saigon

Again, we could not resist it. They chose for us the Peking Duck (it melts in your mouth, if you are into duck, do not hesitate for a second!). A beef with oyster sauce. And I leave the best for the end, the Green Curry Chicken. All of this accompanied with mixed rice and for the duck some kind of Chinese pancakes!

[easy-image-collage id=419]

Again at this point, all of us look at each other like how are we going to eat all of it, we are super full. Well believe me or not, the plates went back to the kitchen empty!

Dessert at Saigon

Let’s get to the best part (yes I do have a sweet tooth..) : the dessert! It was so good we finished it before being able to take a photo! It’s always like that, I forget to take pictures when I’m too excited to eat!

So you get a picture of empty dessert plates. If you really want to know what it was.. well we got 3 kinds of crème brulee (Creme Brulee Trio : Black Sesame Seeds ; Matcha Green Tea and Truffle Oil) and Avocado Ice Cream. I don’t like avocados in general, but this ice cream was delicious!

My top dishes from this evening: Saigon Prawn Salad, Sushi, and the Chicken Green Curry!

Thank you Saigon for having us, it was an amazing evening!




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