Travel consulting

Too busy to plan a trip?

Don’t know where to start?

Want to get the best rates available?

Planning a trip can be tiring and time consuming, spare time and energy and let me take care of your travel planning!
I offer a range of consulting services, including but of course not limited to:

* Planning your trip from A to Z, so you can sit back and relax. From flights to hotels to tours and everything in between.

* Based on your requirements, wishes and budget, I will provide customized advice regarding everything to do at your next destination (restaurants, tours, activities, beaches..). I will design your trip the way it suits you based on my recommendations.

* Surprise trip (kind of like a kinder surprise, you never know what you will get). Get in touch, give me your budget, the kind of destinations you like (beach, city..) and your available dates and let me do the magic for you.

Get in touch so we can start working on your next trip!