12 reasons why I loved the Phillipines

Why I loved the Philippines and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

I’ve been to the Philippines after seeing so many pictures all over social media, it looked unreal, and indeed it was!

Reasons why the Philippines are the best!

1. First of all, and the most important part for me was the water, it actually has 50 shades of blue, it’s no joke. You see so many shades. It’s so beautiful, that even I believe the best camera could not capture the beauty of it, you need to see it to believe it!

2. It’s still very primitive, not too commercial, which makes you see the real country, and not some fake built areas for tourists like in a lot of countries. That’s one of the reason I’m dying to go to Cuba before it starts being Americanized. I want the real feel of the country. And that’s also why I really enjoy travelling to islands. Each one has a different feel to it, the real feel, the smell, the people.

3. Let’s talk about the people, people in the Philippines are so nice, they are really sweet, they help out. Well like everywhere some try to rip you off, but as a tourist you should be aware of the tricks they use (I’ll write an article about it soon)

4. Everyone speaks in English, which makes it super easy to communicate compared to other countries where you try to get your point around but you just can’t. The language barrier is such a huge barrier, we only realize this once we are put in a situation where you’re like, please understand me and you start talking with your hands to get your point around.

5. It has so many small islands that you could just spend month exploring it and you wouldn’t be done with it!

6. You can go to super busy places, like Boracay per instance, or you can find very secluded places.

Looking for more reasons?

7. Even if you just go to El Nido, by island hopping you feel like you’ve been around so many different places. Each of the islands takes you to is different.

8. The scenery… The scenery is beyond incredible.

9. It’s paradise for the people who love the sea like we do!

10. You can chill and rest, and you can do so many activities (canyoneering, whale watching, ziplining, and so many more)!

11. It’s a relatively cheap destination, who doesn’t like cheap?

12. The sunsets you watch from there, I’ve never seen anything like it, so colorful and pretty!

If you want more tips on the Philippines check out my article. And you can also check out my very first vlog on the Philippines!

or you can always drop me a line, and I will make sure to help you out!

xoxo, Tranneta







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    September 8, 2017 / 22:28

    Awsome post !

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    October 19, 2017 / 09:49

    Lovely views. Good luck to your project.

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