World Cup 2018 – Guide to Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg City Guide by Tranneta’s Travels

Ekaterinburg is a very modern vibrant city, it’s Russia’s fourth largest city. Even though it is located on the Asian continent, it has more of a European feel. It’s actually very close to the border of the two continents.x

Formerly Sverdlovsk (during the Soviet-era), it is most well known as where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed during the Russian Civil War.

It’s a great opportunity to visit the border between Europe and Asia which is surrounded by the Ural mountains (natural borders for the two continents). One of the borders which was made for tourists to visit is located 17 kms away from the city (also known as a fake border). If you want to visit a real one, it’s 50 kms away. You can get the chance to stand with one foot in Europe and one foot in Asia (I would love to do that! If you do, share your pictures with me!)

It’s actually much more authentic and this is where you will feel the real Russia, far away from the two capitals Moscow and St Petersburg.

They say that this city could claim the status of Russia’s most historical city. Indeed, it has more than 60 historical monuments right there in the city.

Prospekt Lenina is the main avenue in Ekaterinburg, you will find a few landmarks on this avenue.

How to get from the airport to the Ekaterinburg city center:

The airport is located 17 kilometers from the city.

The Koltsovo Express takes you to the city center, for 22 – 50 RUB in around 40 mins. Or you could take a taxi for the price of 500 RUB (fixed price)

Where to stay in Ekaterinburg:

Budget hotels:

London Mini Hotel is located in the center, which means that it’s an excellent location, it offers free wifi and a 24-hour front desk, a room will cost around 15 $ per night in normal time but I’m guessing for the world cup it would be more like 50 $ or more

Hostel Champion is located very close to the stadium, which makes it the perfect location if you are coming only for the game. It’s also the perfect spot for football fans as it’s themed around football.

AVS Hotel will cost around 50 $ during the World Cup, it’s actually a hostel that’s just good for your stay.

Sky Hostel is another recommendation from a fellow blogger.

You can always get in touch with me for hotel options with your preferred dates.


You can easily explore Ekaterinburg by foot. It is full of street art.

It has one metro line that runs from the North to the South of the city.

There are also buses, trams and marshrutkas (micro bus).

Budget :

As a general idea:

One metro ticket costs 14RUB

A Big Mac in Russia costs 150 RUB

An average lunch at a buffet style restaurant will cost around 500 RUB

Restaurants in Ekaterinburg:

There’s a popular fast food chain in Russia called Vilka-Lozhka check it out, lunch should cost you around 150-250 RUB depending on what you have.

Nigora – middle eastern fusion cuisine, it’s great for a group meal.

Svoya Kompania – European cuisine, el nas beteshkor fi gidan.

Pelmennaya Dyuzhina – Russian cusine, an authentic Russian restaurant (or so they say) even local say it’s one of their favorites. So I’d say a must try!

And of course you will find Mc Donalds, a cheap and convenient eat wherever in the world.

Nightlife in Ekaterinburg: 

Coyote Ugly is said to be the “most famous bar”. It is open seven nights a week until 6 am, each day has its own theme

Chili Club is another venue that’s open every night of the week and you could even have dinner there beforehand if you feel like it.

Art Club Podval is one of the clubs where the dancefloor is usually packed. It’s interesting as this club is in the basement of the KEF restaurant, so you could have dinner first at the KEF restaurant before going down to the club.

Ben Hall is an English pub right there in Ekaterinburg, they have a big collection of draft beer for beer lovers.





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