World Cup 2018 : Your Ultimate Moscow Guide

So you are going to the World Cup 2018 in Moscow, this below is everything you need to know before heading off and if you have anymore questions, get in touch šŸ™‚ !

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From the airport to the city center:

There are 3 international airports in Moscow: Domodedovo International Airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport.

An Uber ride from the airport (either one: Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo) will cost you 850 RUB, it’s a fixed price. The airports have free Wifi so it will be easy for you to request an Uber.

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Taxis will charge you more, you have to bargain, but in my opinion if you’ll take a car just get an Uber, it’s hassle free.

By train take the Aeroexpress which will take you around 45 minutes to reach the city center and costs 420 RUB (if purchased on their website) or 470 RUB (if purchased from the station).

Or if you are on a tighter budget you can take the bus from the airport to the metro station which I wouldn’t recommend as you can stay in traffic for a long while, will cost you around 100 RUB.

How to get to the stadium from the city center:

There are 2 stadiums during the FIFA World Cup:

  1. Lujniki which is accessible from the red line at the station “Sportivnaya” about 30 minutes from the city center.
  2. Spartak is accessible from the purple line at the station “Spartak” about 30 minutes from the center too.

Weather during the World Cup 2018 in Moscow in June:

Could be pretty cold (so pack a jacket/coat) and can be warm, temperatures are in between 15 degrees and 28 degrees.

Where to stay on a budget:

Dream Place Hostel – 10 minutes walk from the metro

Hostel Kremlin Lights – in the city center


The Metro is pretty incredible in Moscow, it’s a great mean of transportation. A single ticket costs 55 RUB, a tip I read is to get a Troika card (which can be used by several people) and top it up, at the end you won’t have to stand in line and the ride will cost you around 32 RUB. It is also one of Moscow’s greatest attractions as you will read later!

Of course you have the option of taxis, and cheaper than taxis are Uber, Yandex Taxi or Gett Taxi.

Fan Zones during the World Cup 2018 in Moscow:

Fan Zone in Moscow will be in the Sparrow Hill area near Luzhniki stadium.

Nightlife in Moscow:

Moscow is worldwide known for it’s nightlife. There are a lot of nightclubs in Moscow, so after a lot of research I got you some names that should do, go and show the Russians how Egyptians party.

Icon Club only open Fridays and Saturdays, is on the expensive side, the fancy club in Russia. But if you are there to spend, check it out, it’s always packed!

For the budget traveler, I’d suggest you check out Jagger Hall which is must less expensive then the 2 others.

Budget for the World Cup 2018 in Moscow:

A meal in a budget restaurant will cost you around 600 RUB

A bottle of water costs 50 RUB

A fast food meal should be around 300 RUB

A metro single ticket is 55 RUB

A coffee is around 200 RUB

During the World Cup 2018 in Moscow you can’t miss:

  1. Red square which is one of the landmarks of Moscow, you’ve probably seen it on TV before. It’s called “Krasnya ploshad”. Don’t miss the changing of guards every hour on the left side of the Square near the Eternal Flame.

2. The Kremlin is a massive complex in the heart of the city; official residence of the President, which is located right next to the Red Square

3. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most colorful sights around. The legend has it that the architect’s eyes were cut after he built it so he couldn’t build another beautiful piece.

Saint Basil Cathedral

4. Zaryadye Park, a newly opened park from where you can see the Kremlin from the floating bridge.

5. The Bolshoi Theatre, as you may know the Russians are big on ballet, most of the “etoile” are from Russia.

Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

6. Just like in St Petersburg the metro in Moscow is incredibly beautiful. Every station has it’s unique theme and decoration. (You can do a metro tour which is a great way to visit different stations and learn the history behind them)

7. Moscow river cruise during sunset is beautiful. From there you can enjoy the view of many wonderful sights.

8. If you wanna see how Russia used to be a long time ago, visit Kolomenskoye Estate.

9. Sparrow’s Hill is one of the highest points in Moscow, you get to have a panoramic view of the city.

10. If you are into Arcades, visit the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, it’s a fun attraction to visit


Must try while in Russia:

  1. Pelmeni – like a sambousek filled with meat
  2. Blini (Блины) – a sort of crepes, a Russian pancake which can either be eaten as a meal or as a dessert depending on the filling.
  3. Pirogi (Пироги) – a pie stuffed with anything (a little like a sambousek)
  4. Golubtsy (Голубцы) – stuffed cabbage leaves with minced meat.
  5. Salad Olivier or Russian Salad (Оливье) – potato salad with a lot of mayonnaise
  6. Plov (Плов) – it’s a Uzbek speciality made of rice with anything really.
  7. Solyanka (Солянка) – sour and spicy soup
  8. Borsch (Борщ) – it’s a beetroot soup said to be originally from Ukraine..
  9. Beef Stroganoff (Бефстроганов) – no need for description this one I think J

Tipping: You should tip in restaurants. The average is 10 % of your bill.

I hope you have a wonderful time if you are going during the World Cup, and don’t forget to watch out for your belongings. It’s going to be pretty crowded so take care of pickpockets.

Don’t walk around with your passport, have a copy with you!

A BIG THANK YOU TO SHERIEN SHATTA for the beautiful pictures, you can follow her on Instagram for more of this magic!


World Cup 2018 in Moscow


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